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Why should we invest in people?

Investing in people matters. Ample research indicates that investing in individual or population growth in skills, knowledge, health, and experience (human capital) leads to economic and social progression. Human capital development produces an extension of positive contributions leading to prosperous individuals, communities, and nations.

Research also identifies a significant issue – that human capital continues to endure underinvestment. Furthermore, low-income, and underrepresented racial and ethnic groups are disproportionately underinvested compared to their counterparts, leading to rising disparities in economic and social progress.



At InVested in You we recognize that:

  1. People may be aware of individuals to invest in (Investees) but may not have the resources or awareness to support opportunities for their development. 

  2. Some individuals want to invest (Investors) but may not know what or where to invest to achieve the most significant returns. 


That’s where InVested in You comes in – 

We serve as an advocate and a conduit to invest in people, 

particularly those from low-income and underrepresented groups. 

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