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What We Do


Our Mission

We serve as an advocate and a conduit to invest in the world’s greatest asset, people.


Our Actions

We connect charitable resources with people, particularly U.S. disproportionally underinvested populations, to develop human capital, alleviate financial barriers, and propel positive impact through human capital, and economic and social growth. 


Our Motivation

We believe investing monetarily in people, specifically in knowledge and skills, and physical well-being and health pursuits, and among historically underinvested populations, will accelerate growth and development and the ability to thrive and contribute positively toward communities and future endeavors. 


Our Values

Innovative Approaches

Maximize the use of technology and expertise to accomplish the mission.


Committed to pursuing and achieving incredible feats with people.


Safeguard team members’ sense of belonging, respect, and value, regardless of their race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, or political beliefs.


Deliberate and methodical with our actions and approaches.


Ensure transparency and stewardship are our steadfast central pillars.

Improving Always

Seeking and striving for growth in our leadership, our Investees, and our Investors.

Impactful Change

Leverage empirically supported methods and approaches to attain desired outcomes and objectives.

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