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Individual Nomination Form

Nominee Information

If nominee is 16 or 17 years old, please list the name and contact information of one of their Parents'/

The list below includes racial and/or ethnic groups and historically underrepresented people in environments, including educational institutions, leadership positions, or corporate boardrooms. Please check which underrepresented/underinvested population that the nominee is a part of. You may check all that apply.

Educational Data for the Nominee

Upload File
Upload File

Identify two (2) references that could speak to the individual's performance, and/or potential.

Optional: Please attach up to two (2) additional sheets of information (e.g., letter of recommendation, article, products, examples of work and/or talent, resume, etc.) about the individual you think may be useful to provide to the selection board. 

Upload File
Upload File

Thank you for submitting your nomination!

InVested in You’s mission is to serve as an advocate and a conduit to invest in the world’s greatest asset – people. Our actions are to connect charitable resources with people, particularly U.S. disproportionally underinvested populations, to develop human capital, alleviate financial barriers, and propel positive impact through human capital, and economic and social growth. 

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