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Dr. Bobbi Snowden

Dr. Bobbi Snowden is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and one of the founding members of InVested in You Incorporated. Bobbi is a life learner. She is a former collegiate athlete, where she played basketball at the University of Rochester and was cross-enrolled at Rochester Institute of Technology, where she completed Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC). She serves as a U.S. Army Officer skilled in working with and leading diverse teams to achieve results. 

Her experience entails identifying health threats, mitigating risks, and solving problems with stakeholders from different communities. Part of Bobbi's dissertation research applied mixed-methods to evaluate the outcomes of a capacity-building training initiative delivered by the Department of Defense to military peacekeepers in Africa. 

Bobbi is grateful for all who recognized her potential and invested resources toward her development and growth. Their generosity, sacrifice, and support inspired Bobbi to serve and invest in others' respective journeys. As a result, InVested in You was born. 

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